Julia's Floral is a retired professional wedding florist in the greater Tacoma area.


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I'm looking for Julia's Floral. How did I end up here?

a. There's a simple explanation. Julia Miller, owner/designer of Julia's Floral for 30 years, has retired from weddings to spend more time with family, especially grandchildren.

What's Julia doing now?

a. Making lots of gorgeous Fresh Rose Rosaries for Catholic funerals and other special occasions. Freshrosary.com is her new website venture.

Is Julia making any exceptions for wedding clients?

a. On a case-by-case basis, for longtime friends and repeat client families. If you have history with Julia, ask for date availability. Her answer might be yes. And if it's not, she knows good florists to refer.

What is Julia's daily-rate for special floral design projects?

a. Thanks for asking! To coax her out of retirement mode, $750 per day plus supplies, travel and lodging, based on date availability. Sales tax is added where applicable.

Does Julia teach classes or work with DIY clients?

a. Propose your project and if Julia is available and wants to get involved, her time is at the above rate, plus the retail price of flowers and supplies.