A Marshmallow Roasting Rosary Miracle

The following story is shared by permission of the author, a busy Catholic homeschooling mother of eight. She tells it in an online community of women who offer each other mutual support and prayers as they balance the spiritual and practical aspects of home and family life. If this sounds like a group you’d want to join, check them out at Pray Like Mary, Clean Like Martha.

Her words are in italics, directly quoted. Enjoy this precious story of heavenly intercession–

The story begins…

Oh my goodness, my friends! Have I got a story for you!

Eric just talked to our neighbor next door. They are a sweet retired couple and this virus stuff has really taken a toll on them. They’ve been isolated and haven’t even seen their grandchildren since Christmas, out of fear of getting them sick. They have been very kind and friendly (from a distance) ever since we moved in.

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Last Friday night, when we roasted marshmallows, we also prayed our daily family rosary outside in our backyard. Our neighbors, who were sitting on their back porch, heard us praying and the wife, a lapsed Catholic, recognized what we were praying! She said she was in tears and ran to get her rosary to pray it with us, explaining to her Lutheran husband all about the rosary. She said she cried hearing the children praying with us.

And then, last weekend, they got to see their grandchildren, for the first time since Christmas!!!

Our Lady for the win!

I am constantly in awe of how our Lady works! The beauty of what she did with the very small offering we gave, of just praying our daily family rosary like we always do every night, but with the inspiration to pray it outside! And suddenly, she touched our neighbors hearts and perhaps, opened a door for more conversations and a witness to them and more opportunities to love them back to the Church!

Eric told them they are welcome to pray with us anytime, so we will see what happens!

Wow! With all the bad news out there constantly day after day, I thought you all might enjoy some good news!

Please keep our sweet neighbors in your prayers! I’m so excited to watch what God, through the intercession of our sweet Blessed Mother, will do in our neighborhood! I am overjoyed!

Thanks be to God!

The takeaway observation

Our Lady promises great graces for people who pray the Rosary, and that includes stories like this, for a family making the effort to pray daily with their eight children in various stages of wiggle!

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